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Have you tried Chitika Maps Beta Yet

When all the major map service providers are moving to the paid usage, Chitika has brought its Chitika Maps which brings revenue for bloggers and website users. And also brings flexibility and more details for users.

This is what Chitika has to say

Chitika Maps is one of the only free alternatives which comes packaged and ready to implement with much of the same functionality and aesthetic offered by paid map services. Chitika Maps provides an opportunity for publishers to enjoy new revenue streams by opting to include ads within map units for local advertisers, helping to monetize websites.

Chitika has developed its services recently with Chitika Premium and likely to give a tough Competition to Google Adsense.

This new Beta Version of Chitika Maps are going to give them a chance to showcase their skills in providing efficient maps for the users.

Join Chitika and increase revenue for your travel blogs.
Get Chitika Premium



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  1. MalokMadingDecember 24, 2011
    I installed those Chitika ads including the latest maps ads and I am waiting to find out how m uch I will earn with maps.
    • sriramrajDecember 24, 2011
      @MalokMading Malok chitika ads are mainly used when you have a travel blog and providing information regarding a particular place. Doing this generates more revenue
      • MalokMadingDecember 24, 2011
        @sriramraj@MalokMading Great tip. The Chitika team are suppose to do some demographic though I was wanting to try it.
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