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How people earn from twitter

Twitter is one of the top social media sites in web like Facebook. Until GooglePlus was in the market, most of the world used to share their status updates in Facebook and Twitter. Still twitter has popularity and is one of the top 5 social media sites in Internet. That is the major reason why, People can Make Money Online with twitter. This article discusses about some of the tips and tricks to earn from twitter.

Getting Started with Twitter

earn money online from Twitter

earn money tweeting

Twitter is a social media site which allows users to share their status updates, short messages of 155 words. This 155 words is now one of the major ways utilized by business organizations and corporate world to bring customers to their website. Many feel how it is possible. Lets discuss some useful ways to use twitter for business.

Simple to use Twitter and Earn from Twitter

1. Join Twitter and Invite friends
Twitter is free to join. Join twitter and invite your friends to follow you and start following them. It is important to have good number of followers in Twitter to earn money online. I will tell how but get started and invite your friends. Best ways to get more followers is to invite your email friends and Facebook friends.

2. Why to Increase Twitter followers
This is the most important part. Because you get good number of opportunities to earn from twitter if you have more number of followers who are listening to your tweets. Forgot to say “In twitter your status updates are called tweets”. Now if you just update anything general, those are call general tweets. Sometimes advertisers of twitters ask you to update your status about their products with a link. This is called paid tweet. Now you must have got an initial understanding of how people earn from twitter. One way to earn money online from twitter is Earn from tweets.

3. How to earn from tweets?
Good question and reasonable to ask because you must not be aware of twitter marketing. Twitter Marketing is one way advertisers use twitter for their marketing. Now if there are no Ads on twitter, how do they market? Simple through people by asking them to tweet about their products. But how do they contact people? If they are film stars and hi-fi, these advertisers contact directly and others through twitter Advertising sites. These sites act as platform between Advertisers and Twitter Users.

There are quiet a good number of twitter advertising sites in web which pay well. Read my article 3 Sites to Earn from Twitter where I have listed three best sites to earn money online tweeting.

But most of advertisers look for good number of twitter followers to give you an opportunity for paid tweet. So get started with tweeting and increase your twitter followers. In coming articles, I will write about efficient ways to use twitter. Do share your comments and feedback on the article


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