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How to syndicate your blog to facebook and twitter

Syndication means auto posting. Most of the website owners and blog owners have their facebook accounts and also must have created facebook pages. Now it is easy to syndicated your blogs with facebook ie., when you post an article in your blog, it will appear in facebook. Interested in knowing how. Read on..

Steps to syndicate your blog to facebook

1. Visit and register or login with your facebook account. It is free to join and register.

2. Once you have confirmed your registration, the below mentioned page is displayed. Click on Register your blog which is circled below.

Autoposting to facebook

Autoposting to facebook






Enter your blog url and click next.

3) In the next page fill your blog details and enter keywords and short description. Given below is the screen shot of the same

blog information saving

Blog Information

3) Once you have entered description, click next. If you are author of the blog, you will have two options to confirm it. Either your friends verify it or you need to add widget to your blog. If you are opting for widget, you will be given a code to save on your blog. If you are using blogger blog, click on option for blogger or wordpress. If you are selfhosted wordpress user, just add it in the text box in your right hand side bar and save your url.

4) once you have saved the code, go back to networked blogs and verify your blog.

Syndication to Facebook

Syndication to Facebook

6) The above steps confirms the confirmation of your blog. The next step is to syndicate your blog. Select the option syndication on the right after verification

syndication to facebook

syndication to facebook

Syndicating Blog to Facebook and Twitter

7) once you have selected syndication option, select the blog you wish to syndicate from dropdown and you will have options

Add facebook target

Add twitter target

Select both the options and customize whether you want posts to be on your facebook wall or on your facebook page.

Similarly by twitter target, you can syndicate your posts to twitter.

autoposting to twitter

autoposting to twitter

These 7 steps above will syndicate your website or blog to twitter. If you have any queries, do contact me.


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