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How to install Jhoomla for your site

Jhoomla and WordPress are the easiest and simplest ways to create CMS and blogs within few hours. With little programming knowledge and a good hosting provider, you can install Jhoomla for your business website or blog. Jhoomla and WordPress are the most used platforms in online web.

How to Install Jhoomla

Installing Jhoomla for your websites

Installing Jhoomla for your websites

Installing Jhoomla is easy if you have taken from a good web hosting provider such as Webhostingpad, Hostgator or any other major hosting provider. They provide one click Installations for Jhoomla and WordPress Installation.

1. Install Jhoomla from the tools provided by your Hosting provider.

2. Design your Jhoomla site as per your requirements or your clients requirements.

3. Get necessary extensions or Addons that best suits your website. There are some top template providers which provide Jhoomla and wordpress templates. You can use them to create a beautifully designed website in any niche.

4. There are many versions of Jhoomla. Jhoomla 1.7 is the latest version. The next version which would be launched in Jhoomla 1.8 which is expected to launch in Jan 2012. There are some pre-requirements that are there for all Jhoomla Installations. As said earlier, if you are having services of top hosting providers, they provide you with these requirements

For custom installation you can go through this article on How to Install Jhoomla in 5 steps



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