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2015 has been one of the best years of my career. There were many tricky situations I had to pass through and some really interesting people that have come across in my life. Especially in my professional career, I had the chance to mentor young generation engineers who have come as interns for our company. Their way of thinking, their thoughts, their aspirations and zeal to learn are truly inspirational for me. In this article, I want to share some moments I loved during the tenure with my trainees.

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

In our company, every year there are some interns that are selected by our company to come and have 6 months internship. These engineers are the ones who are in the final year of their engineering or M.C.A and are new to job and career. Some come from computer streams while some come from E.C.E or mechanical background. We generally work on software and application development which requires professionalism in latest technologies and languages.

In the past 7 years of my career, there are many technologies that have come up and I was working on older technologies had very little interest in learning new technologies. My Project Manager gave me the responsibility of grooming these young engineers and that too identify the best R&D programs for these young engineers which involved latest technologies.

Even though not having confidence on these latest technologies, I thought of giving these latest technologies such as SDN, Big Data and NFV a try. I and two of my juniors were given the responsibility of six trainees and bringing up some of the best demonstrations in these latest technologies.

In the initial days, it was really tough to start with. Technologies are SDN, Big Data and NFV are very latest technologies and bringing up Proof of Concept for these technologies was a really tough task. But the way I got support from these young engineers and how they indulged with full concentration was something that was truly inspiring, motivating and were some of the happiest moments that I will cherish in my career. They used to spend their tea breaks and lunch time into interesting discussions, bringing new thoughts into limelight. We were successful in POC in these latest technologies and also got lot of appreciation from our seniors.

For people who are thinking that latest generation engineers are only limited to books, I am very much against it. Younger generation engineers of India are the hearts and building blocks of our nation. The ideas and sharpness they have is something that we should be proud of. It is upon us how to mold these bright engineers to successful and recognized engineers.

Give them an opportunity to prove themselves and they will definitely do it. Such is the confidence I have on them. Interest they used to show on work used to inspire me in learning new things just to be in pace with them. When new things are thought to them or new situations are faced by us, the thoughts and ideas which they used to share were simply out of the box.

These look like small and minute things, but the inspiration we get from these minds is truly incredible. It is very important for us to make them understand how good they are and motivate these young engineers in making India proud. If you have some motivation or appreciation to share, never hesitate to share with everyone.
#SpreadTheVibe and share happiness because it is very important that good in the world should always be shared and talked about.

These trainees were truly inspirational and changed my thoughts of learning new things and working with fresh engineers. For more inspirational stories, visit


I am Sriram, Software Engineer and blogger. Writing is my favorite hobby and I love writing on travel, technology and social media. Get some cool stuff in my blog on how to use Internet effectively.

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