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SocialSpark Blog Advertising site for pro bloggers

SocialSpark is one of the best among the blog advertising sites in Web. You might have read about many blog advertising sites that pay you 1$ to 5$ for any article review in your blog. If you are thinking the same for socialspark, you are completely mistaken and this article is not for your. Socialspark is the best blogging platform for professional bloggers and pays 15$ to 100$ per single article review. Here is an exclusive socialspark review which can help you to decide whether to join socialspark or not.

Why SocialSpark is most preferred by me

In the past three years, I have seen many blog advertising platforms from the day one of my blogging. BuyBlogReviews, SponsoredReviews, PayperPost etc which pays you 1$ to 50$ per post for every article review you write. These platforms allow you to bid and when any advertiser likes your post and accepts your bid, you can write post and get it approved by advertiser. But advertisers need do follow links and paid posts are not so acceptable by Google.

In Socialspark, it is completely different style. First they only accept very few blogs which have rich content and have high quality posts. Advertisers love socialspark because they are confident that they are going to get reviews from blogs which have quality content and targeted audience. Moreover, you can directly write review in their site and submit the post for advertiser approval.

You have a rich blog interface to write the post, options to have image and videos embedded. Moreover, advertisers are mainly looking for new customers for their products and not backlinks or search engine promotion.

And joining socialspark is completely free. You can connect your blog and add analytics of your site which brings 13 times more chances of getting review.

How socialspark pays

Socialspark is one of the best blog platform I suggest as it pays through paypal. It is one of the highest paying advertiser site. If you have good amount of traffic to your blog and have rich content, you can earn upto 100$ per post depending on the niche you are in.

And you need to write reviews about products you don’t like. If you like the advertiser product you can give a review and share it with your readers. Joining Socialspark is completely free. You can join socialspark with banner link below. I am already there in socialspark and earned around 500$ in the last two years. Why not you. Join with link below

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