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Stay Fit and Stay Healthy

In this competitive environment, it is always important to stay fit and healthy. This article is to share some important tips to youth who have lost themselves fighting the competition and forgot everything about health and wellness which actually brings half the success.
In my younger days, we used to play a lot of outdoor games. Gaming used to be fun. While cricket used to be most of the outdoor played games, we used to have fun with trekking, cycling, volleyball and badminton. It is very important that you have right building blocks in the youth. Even though we used to have a lot of pressure from parents, we never missed our chance to enjoy our outdoor games.

Cycling for Fitness


Cycling is one of the best fitness mantra that I suggest for kids. Cycle Advertisements were in a good number 10 years back. I rarely see an advertisement on Cycles these days. But in fact, now we have a lot of advanced cycles available. My friend who has an age of 30 goes on a bicycle ride every week for 100 km.

I rarely see any of the kids going 10 km in my surrounding. Because, they have more interest in indoor games and computer games right now. I suggest for parents to give a success path for your kids not only for studies but also for games. Getting into games not only brings them a break from a hard day study from school or college, but also gives them an opportunity to stay ahead in competition.

Coming to nutrition, we only used to have fruits in our childhood. Honey, milk and fruits were our sources of protein and nutrition. But I have seen huge change in the nutrition foods available for kids these days. Kids can now use healthy drinks from Horlicks Growth + for kids who are lagging behind in height and weight. You can get more information on growth tips at
Height and Weight are predominantly very important factors for child’s personal growth. Kids should be taken care for a good healthy diet, exercise and outdoor gaming. Especially I recommend cycling which plays an important level in increasing stamina as well as growth. This should also be done at the right age ideally in the childhood days when there will be a good progress.

Nowadays, the younger generation are more into the Internet. I was wondering that a kid of 5 year old plays games in his father’s Android phone. They know how to play games in Android. Such is their grasping power at a younger age. Parents should realize that it is in their hands how to mould their kids.

Encourage them in playing games as well as in improving their physical fitness. This will be very important in their later stages of life when they find themselves way a head in competition. A person with good health and stamina has good focus on their studies and have more confidence on themselves.

It is very important to stay fit and healthy. Even though I focused on kids, it is also applicable for the youth of today. Stay Fit and Stay Healthy.


I am Sriram, Software Engineer and blogger. Writing is my favorite hobby and I love writing on travel, technology and social media. Get some cool stuff in my blog on how to use Internet effectively.

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  1. Anshik MehraAugust 21, 2016
    Definitely Sriram i agree with you, kids nowadays are getting more aligned to indoor gaming mostly smartphone games and there is not much of physical exercise done by them, this smartphone addiction in kids will hamper their health in future no doubt
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