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Top Mozilla Plugins for daily usage

Mozilla is the famous browser which is used by most the users all around the world. There are thousands of Mozilla Plugins that have been developed in web for different usage. This article discusses about some of the best plugins that are very useful for users.

Top Screen Capture Mozilla Plugins

Top Mozilla Plugins

Top Mozilla Plugins

Many of the users use Alt and print screen or ctrl and print screen for capturing the screen. And then edit the captured screen using MS Paint or Photo Shop.

But if you are using Mozilla browser, you can capture screen very easily through some of the best Mozilla Screen Capture Plugins. Famous plugins are Screen Grab and Fireshot.

You can read the full description in my Squidoo Lens about Mozilla plugins in the link —> Top Mozilla Plugins





Top Download Addons for Mozilla

Download Helper helps you to download from Youtube Videos and other Video sites. This typically helps if you are researching some Technical Tutorials of  favorite songs in Youtube. You can learn more information of this add in the official link of this plugin –> Download Helper

Top Mozilla Plugins for Bloggers

Here is the list of top Mozilla Plugins for bloggers

  • Google Tool bar which helps in learning about page rank, bookmarking and easy form filling
  • Alexa Sparky for knowing your Alexa Rank
  • Bookmarking links for your social media sites like Twitter, Facebook
  • Blog your favorite articles through Blog This Plugin

There are many more Mozilla plugins which I will be updating in coming days. Do share if you have any mozilla plugin in mind


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  1. subhorupJanuary 30, 2012
    I haven’t yet visited your squidoo lens on this, but was a little confused as to whether this was a post on best plug ins for bloggers only or for daily usage. I find the stumbleupon and alexa toolbar extensions very useful as a blogger. I also use fastestfox to prefetch links and preload pages. I use speeddial to keep my frequently visited pages together, and have set my new tab to load it. Hope this is useful to your readers.
  2. sriramrajFebruary 22, 2012
    @subhorup you are right. I have included some plugins which are useful for bloggers in this. Mostly I have included them in mail
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