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Blogger Earning Series SponsoredReviews

After 8 years of blogging in various platforms, I thought out to start this Blogger Earning Series sharing my experiences on how to earn money online blogging and various websites which can help you earn money online. This is the first of the series where I start with one of the best websites to earn money blogging which is SponsoredReviews.

Earning Money Online for Bloggers SponsoredReviews
Blogger Earning Series
Bloggers who have a well maintained blog with quality content get attracted by advertisers worldwide. Once we learn on how to start a blog and how to earn money online, you would be definitely interested in getting touch with high quality advertisers who play well for promoting their products in your website.

SponsoredReviews is one such website where you can have a chance to meet high quality advertisers and also some advertisers which don’t promote your website related products. So, first thing to understand is that you shouldn’t be seeing at those type of advertisers which are not related to your website. Concentrate on advertisers whose products are really worth promoting and share your honest opinion.

SponsoredReviews is the website where you can earn huge (I earned around 500$ from this website). But you should maintain your website or blog standards and only bid for advertisers who pay well and who have quality products. Don’t go for each and every advertiser just because you are earning money. A strict no.

How you earn money from SponsoredReviews
SponsoredReviews brings you in touch with advertisers where they post requirements. If you liked to review or write which matches advertisers requirements, you bid on it. If advertiser accepts, you earn. Sponsored Reviews gets 50% and you get 50%. Payment is received through paypal.

To do this, you should join SponsoredReviews as a blogger. Below is the banner link to join. It’s free to join
Blogger Earning Series SponsoredReviews Link

Once you join and share information about your website, you are done with the update. Next steps are to bid and wait.

Generally if you have good content and if you bid on relative advertisers, there are maximum chances of getting accepted.

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