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Driving a Car

Do you drive or love to drive , this really makes a difference. In my view one need to have a zeal to drive then only one can enjoy,learn and also teach driving. So, for me i love to drive and go for long drives with my friends and family. With the advent of technology, […]

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A Trip to Vizag City of Destiny

Visakhapatnam is one of the top tourist places in India. Famous for the wonderful beaches and lovely tourist attractions, Visakhapatnam attracts tourists from all over India. Being recognized as one of the top cities to be developed as a smart city, our friends planned a one day tour to Visakhapatnam. Visakhapatnam is place full of […]

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Fun Jaisalmeer Trip

Jaisalmeer is one of the famous places in Rajasthan, India. Famous for Forts and Sam Sand Dunes, it was one of the most exciting and memorable trip in my stay in North India. We had a trip from Delhi to Jaisalmeer on train for three days and these three days with 10 friends is ever […]

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5 Best Web Hosting Options for Indian Bloggers

Web Hosting is one of the most important decision that has to be taken for the success of your blog. For Indian bloggers who have their own website and are planning to take best web hosting services at reasonable prices, this post will give the information of Five best Web Hosting Options that are available […]

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A Farewell to remember

Farewell Feeling Farewell is one thing which is something that is very much important when loved ones departs from us. If we don’t organize them well, the one leaving you will never be happy. Some moments which I would love to cherish on my first farewell after 7.5 years working in a company. In the […]

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Top Android Mobiles in Range 7000 to 15000

Top Android Mobiles with good configuration and specs in range 7000 to 15000 are given below. Let us know if you love any other phone with good configuration in this range 1> One Plus X A phone which could be obtained through invite. If you are lucky, you can get from the link below One […]

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Its Time To Inspire

2015 has been one of the best years of my career. There were many tricky situations I had to pass through and some really interesting people that have come across in my life. Especially in my professional career, I had the chance to mentor young generation engineers who have come as interns for our company. […]

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How to turn Good mornings into Gold mornings

When i heard about this lines “How to turn Good mornings into Gold mornings” i went back to my childhood days , i still remember how my grand mother used to wake me up early in the morning and make me ready for the school, she always used to teach the importance of planning and […]

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Innovation in Design HP Star Wars Note Book Edition

Innovation in bringing the creative designs and Star Wars to the eyes of the user is what I thought when I first looked at the “HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook”. It was simply out of the box thinking by the developers and makers of HP in bringing one of the all time favorite movies […]

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Jugnoo Travel Auto Android App review

Jugnoo Android App is one of the latest Auto App that is available in Delhi NCR area. This article covers Jugnoo App review.

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