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Useful Blog Tips to gain subscribers

Are you a blogger or writer looking for more readers to your blog? Does your website have good engagement with readers? If not, then read this article for improving more subscribers to your blog or website.

Tips for getting more blog subscribers

There are many ways you can build subscribers for your website or blog. One of the way is to gain subscribers through social media sites like facebook, twitter. Another way is to gain subscribers through Blogging and writing communities such as indiblogger, blogengage, blogadda etc.

For making these readers your permanent subscribers, you need to provide the facility for them to subscribe to your blog. Subscription facility gives the reader to get full article or part of article to their emails. This will help them to know about your latest posts.

Blog Tools for getting more subscribers

There are many blog tools available in web that gives the reader an option to subscribe to your blog. Given below are some of the blog tools which are varied based on your blog.


Basic Blogging Tools for blog subscription

1. Blogger Blogs:
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For blogger blogs, feedburner is the best subscription facility providing blog tool. This tool works similar to Google Analytics and provides you information about your blog subscribers and also how they visited your blog. Important blog tool provided by feedburner is subscription widget which is in the right side of my blog, which helps you to subscribe to my blog. Readers who wish to subscribe to your blog need to enter your email and press submit. Once added, they will get a conformation mail to the added email id. Once they have confirmed subscription, you can send them regular updates about your blog post.


2.Wordpress Blogs


WordPress Pumpkin

WordPress Pumpkin (Photo credit: Eric M Martin)

For Self Hosted WordPress blogs, they are recently developed plugins such as Wysija that help you to readers to subscribe to your news letters. You might be surprised what are newsletters? Newsletters are informative mails that you can directly write to your blog subscribers. MailPoet is free wordpress plugin which helps you to create lists for your blog subscribers depending on their interests. For example, people can add subscription only to earning money tips and some are only interested in blogging tips. So Wysija gives user option to subscribe to the list of their choice. You as blogger can send the latest post information or useful information related to blogging or earning money through news letters. Isn’t it interesting :). But limitation is that you need a gmail or other services provided by hosting provider for Wysija. Well if the above two blog tools for blog subscription are interesting, the premium tools mentioned below are rather more interesting and used by professional bloggers who have many subscribers for their blogs.

Premium Blog Subscription Tools

Given below are the premium blog subscription tools which have been the best from the past few years for bloggers and also for business organizations to promote their products.

Aweber:Aweber is one of the most effective email marketing tool which have been very popular for bloggers and online marketing websites. By providing wide range of news letter templates and best subscription plans, Aweber provided best facilities for user to maintain efficient lists.

So if you are having lot of subscribers and planning to start business or marketing, you can have test drive of Aweber

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It is just for an example. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog below to get the best blog tools and contests updates to your mail box.


I am Sriram, Software Engineer and blogger. Writing is my favorite hobby and I love writing on travel, technology and social media. Get some cool stuff in my blog on how to use Internet effectively.

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  1. sweetjasmine@ students tipsJanuary 22, 2013
    Useful tips. I will try to use wysija and share how it works. Thanks for sharing the subscription tools
    sweetjasmine@ students tips recently posted…TOP COURSES IN UK TO STUDYMy Profile
  2. The NarcissistJanuary 22, 2013
    I think aweber has a reputation for being the best. But I think smaller blogs can make do with something like the feedburner.
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